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Morning cyclists

These two cyclists were on their morning ride as I walked to work in South Brisbane this morning.

WEB Cyclists on Grey Street in South Brisbane on October 15, 2014

Annerley garden

Spotted in the front garden of my dentist.

WEB Flowers in an Annerley garden on October 14, 2014

Newsroom multi-tasking

One of the executive producers (EPs) Ben Atherton took a novel approach to a conference call in the ABC digital newsroom yesterday.


Grace of a seagull

I was very happy with this photo I got on Tuesday. Many thanks to the seagull for holding the pose for me :)

Seagull in Brisbane

Wetting a line

One of my best mates Halpy is turning 30 and we headed to the Gold Coast over the weekend for some deep-sea fishing. It was a bit of a quiet day fish-wise, but there were a few decent catches and it was a good day out.

2014: Photos so far (video)

I’m in hospital at the moment, dealing with a bout of depression, so I’ve had a look through some of my favourite photos of the year.

Harvey, Boston Terrier

I had never met a Boston Terrier before meeting little Harvey. Massively cute.

Jessie in the boot

Jessie came to the clinic to visit yesterday. After an hour of running around the park and being a silly mutt, she got into the back of the car to go home.

Princess is the hairdresser’s guard dog

This beautiful seven-year-old is a fixture outside good hair day on Merthyr Road in New Farm.
I used my 35mm, f2 Mir (Мир) lens, which I should use more often!





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