2014: Photos so far (video)

I’m in hospital at the moment, dealing with a bout of depression, so I’ve had a look through some of my favourite photos of the year.

Harvey, Boston Terrier

I had never met a Boston Terrier before meeting little Harvey. Massively cute.

Jessie in the boot

Jessie came to the clinic to visit yesterday. After an hour of running around the park and being a silly mutt, she got into the back of the car to go home.

Princess is the hairdresser’s guard dog

This beautiful seven-year-old is a fixture outside good hair day on Merthyr Road in New Farm.
I used my 35mm, f2 Mir (Мир) lens, which I should use more often!




Feeding the birds

Peter was the centre of attention at Queen Mary Falls on Sunday.

Queen Mary Falls cafe in southern Queensland on August 3, 2014 (2 of 16)

Bindarrabi goodness

Some more photos from last month’s adventure near Killarney on the NSW/Qld border. The ABC sent me off to get some photos on Doone Wyborn’s 800-acre property, which he and his wife Carol are planning to turn into a co-operative rural landshare community. Check out the Bindarrabi website here.

Spy game

In the course of my job as ABC News photo editor, I often have to come up with ‘generic’ photos to illustrate stories that don’t have an obvious image. I was particularly happy with this morning’s CIA effort. Sunnies + dark room + computer screen + flip horizontal.

Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)

Noisy miner morning

Got really close to this little fella this morning at Southbank. Shot at 105mm.

A noisy miner eats some breakfast in South Bank, Brisbane on August 1, 2014 A noisy miner prepares to take off in South Bank, Brisbane on August 1, 2014

Fun with lights

My nieces and nephews had some fun with sparklers and an external flash over the weekend. I had fun too!

Signs of the times

The QPAC loading dock the other day.



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